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23th April 2011
  • KTM Komuter Run 2011 held at KTMB Headquarters
  • Launching of RM1 ticket as People First Product
  • Introduce MIKO, a new Komuter she mascot
14th May 2011 The launching of Seremban > Sg.Gadut route by Minister of Transport
1st June 2011 KTM Komuter services is commercially extended to Sg.Gadut.
16th July 2011 KOMI Soccer Kids 2011 was held in University Malaya field.
22th September 2011 The first Six Car Set Komuter from China has arrived at West Port, Port Klang.
19th October 2011 The second Six Car Set Komuter has arrived at West Port, Port Klang.
17th November 2011 The third Six Car Set Komuter has arrived at West Port, Port Klang.




1st January 2010 Introduce the New Year Weekend Pass. Only limited from 1st - 3rd January 2010. RM20.00 for adult and RM10.00 for children.
10th January 2010 Shuttle train services has been extended : Sungai Buloh - Bangi & Sentul to Shah Alam.
26th January 2010 The re-launch of Monthly & Daily Passes. Monthly Pass has a new look. Both have special discount for the month of February. Each month, 30 prizes to be given away to the lucky Monthly Pass user from February to June 2010.
7th February 2010 The Putra - Shah Alam - Putra shuttle train has been extended to Klang.
28th April 2010 Introduce Ladies' Coach for Sentul - Pelabuhan Klang route
15th May 2010 Ladies' Coach extended for Seremban - Rawang route
29th July 2010 KTM Komuter services have been extended to Batu Caves. Free service for a week (from July 29 to August 4, 2010) for journey between Sentul > Batu Caves.
4th October 2010 Introduce 6-car KTM Commuter for:
  • AM Peak : Seremban > Sg. Buloh, Kajang > Sg. Buloh
  • PM Peak : Sentul > Seremban
29th December 2010 Provide 'Portable Ramps' for disabled (OKU) passengers at 25 stations




17th February 2009 A new service has been introduced, the KL - Seremban - KL shuttle train. A service using intercity coaches to ferry komuter passengers. Service available every Monday to Friday only.
10th March 2009 A new service has been introduced, the Rawang - KL Sentral shuttle train. A service using intercity coaches to ferry komuter passengers. Service available every Monday to Friday only.
16th March 2009 Promotions for motorcyclists. 50% discounted fare for motorcyclists & pillion riders using the intercity shuttle train from Rawang & Seremban. Every Monday to Friday only from 10.00am till 4.00pm.
1st April 2009 A new surcharge of RM30.00 to replace the RM10.00 compound that is impose to those who do not have a valid ticket.
6th May 2009 The Hybrid KTM Komuter (EMUs) where KTM Komuter train that is functional but waiting for propulsion system equipments from overseas were hauled using normal diesel locomotives was introduced to assist on the shortage of the train set.
1st June 2009 The introduction of Tanjung Malim - Rawang shuttle train, using both intercity coaches & Hybrid EMUs.
1st November 2009 The Kuala Lumpur - Shah Alam shuttle train using intercity coaches & Hybrid EMUs was introduced.
1st November 2009 The Kuala Lumpur - Shah Alam shuttle train using intercity coaches & Hybrid EMUs was introduced.
18th December 2009 Kuala Lumpur station's Platform 2 & 3 counters reopened after undergoing platform elevation construction & the installation of " peebel wash " flooring works.




5th January 2008 KTM Komuter services has been extended to Kuala Kubu Bharu station.
12th January 2008 The Completion & Commissioning of the Rawang - Ipoh Double Tracking Electrified Project Package by Mitsui & Co. Limited. The ceremony was graced & officiated by YB Dato' Sri Chan Kong Choy, the Minister of Transport.
3rd March 2008 Bank Negara newly reconstructed building was ready and has started operational. The new look of the building is stylish, modern and it is spacious. The newly built platforms are comfortable and the surrounding is brighter and airy.
17th October 2008 The Q -System on the platform was introduced in KL Sentral station. Passengers to queue at any colored line according to the announcement. This method will ease the congestion while boarding/exit the train. The colored lines on platform indicate the train doors. Red line (EMU 81 Class) Blue Line (EMU 82 Class) Green Line (EMU 83 Class).




1st January 2007 The KTM Komuter Tourist Pass was introduced. RM12.00 for adult RM6.00 for children/senior citizens/the disabled. One day unlimited ride.
21st April 2007 The launch of KTM Komuter Rawang - Rasa train service, officiated by the Minister of Transport Dato' Sri Chan Kong Choy. The event was held at Rasa station. Serendah, Batang Kali & Rasa stations have been officially opened to the public with 30 minutes train interval.




21st January 2006 "Peraduan Bonanza Komuter" prize giving ceremony to the winners held at KL Sentral station by Tn Hj Roslan Mohamed the SBU Komuter General Manager.
1st July 2006 Kepong Sentral station was fully operational.
14th July 2006 The launch of Kepong Sentral station officiated by YB Dato’Sri Chan Kong Choy the Minister of Transport. Among the activities held was prize giving to the lucky 15,000th passenger of Kepong Sentral.
7th September 2006 KTM Komuter Safety Campaign in Batang Kali. The event was launched by YB Dato' Sri Chan Kong Choy, the Minister of Transport.




1st January 2005 "Mana - Mana & Kembara" tickets were terminated."Tiket 12 & 24 perjalanan' have been replaced and renamed as Monthly Ticket. Intercity train passengers with valid ticket will get 50% discounted fare when purchasing KTM Komuter train ticket. The intercity ticket must be produced upon purchasing KTM Komuter ticket at the counter.

1st February 2005 Prize giving ceremony to the lucky 1.5th million passenger to MidValley station. The prize was handed out by KTM Komuter General Manager.
12th April 2005 Y. Bhg Dato' Mohd Salleh Abdullah, The Managing Director of KTMB launched " Rentas " the official KTM Komuter bulletin.
1st July 2005 Touch & Go integration ticketing system started operational in all stations for passengers convenience.
12th July 2005 The launch of Touch & Go integrated with KTM Komuter ticketing system. The event was officiated by The Minister of Transport YB Dato' Sri Chan Kong Choy at KL Sentral station.
3rd August 2005 KTM Komuter's 10th Anniversary. Took place at KL Sentral station,"Fiesta D'Komuter" was grandly and successfully organized, as an appreciation to all loyal passengers for their continuous support to KTM Komuter.
23rd August 2005 KTM Komuter's Midvalley station 1st anniversary.
27th August 2005 " Libur Komuter Shopping Hunt " was smartly held at KL Sentral Station, a great effort collaboration amongst well known shopping complexes in KL namely The Mall, Subang Parade, Midvalley Megamall and the unique The Mines Shopping Fair.
7th December 2005 The Central Bank of Malaysia has officially withdrawn the use of RM1 coin. With this alarm, KTMB would also stop accepting RM1 coin for any transaction.
31st December 2005 Integrated ticket promotions. A joint promotion between KTM Komuter, Rapid KL and Monorail to contribute smooth flow activity & facilitate the large crowd expected to turn up for the new year's  eve celebrations. Unlimited rides at RM18.00 only on the three train services.




11th March 2004 Kepong Sentral's official ground breaking ceremony. The ceremony was officiated by YB Dato Sri Chan Kong Choy The Minister of Transport.
12th May 2004 Package launching : "Ronda - Ronda KTM Komuter". The event was launched by the second Deputy Minister of Transport at KL Sentral station.
23rd August 2004 KTM Komuter Midvalley station was fully operational.
26th August 2004 Official launch of KTM Komuter MidValley station by the Minister of Transport.




1st February 2003

Granted permission from the Minister of Transport to increase the existing fare of the KTM Komuter to 20%. The increase is crucial to balance out high operational cost, especially trains maintenance, communication system and the ever increasing cost of electric usage.

15st May 2003

The introduction of KTM Komuter Monthly ticket. Unlimited rides in between stations as printed on the ticket. 10 travel days or 33% discounts.

15th July 2003

RealRewards points galore!. A collaboration with RealRewards,whereby the purchase of monthly ticket by RealRewards members,would earn them points. Points could be earned only at selected stations.

29th August 2003 "Pengguna Prihatin" campaign at KL Sentral station. This consumers' awareness program was graced by YB Datuk Dr Siti Zaharah Sulaiman, Minister of National Unity& Community Development.
1st November 2003

50% discounted ticket fare specially offered to the disabled to encourage them to use the train service.

20th December 2003 Prize giving ceremony to the lucky 155th million KTM Komuter passenger. The Managing Director gave away the prize.




1st July 2002 The sale of "Kad Karib" (KTM Komuter/ Putra LRT /Park May Bus) was officially terminated.




1st March 2001 The launch of "Tiket Karib". An integrated services with Putra LRT & Park May Buses. Ticket priced at RM100.00.
16th - 18th March 2001 Introduction of the ticket package between KTM Komuter & Airport Coach to ferry passengers to the Sepang International Circuit for the F1 race.
24th March 2001 The launch of "Tiket Kembara" - for weekend, public holidays, & school holidays usage. RM10.00 for adult & RM5.00 for children.
16th April 2001 The elegant sophisticated, much awaited Sentral Kuala Lumpur Station was officially operational for Komuter & Intercity trains. The old Kuala Lumpur station remains a halt for komuter service only.
5th July 2001 The Senior Citizens card relaunched by YB Dato Paduka Siti Zaharah Sulaiman.




1st July 2000 A discount of 50% on ticket fare with a valid Senior Citizen card, for the senior citizens aged 60 and above to travel on board KTM Komuter. The Senior Citizens card can be applied from the headquarters.




16th February 1998 The implementation of closed ticketing system. A system using a uniformed stripe magnetic ticket in all KTM Komuter halts & stations.
11th March - 8th May 1998 A 6 car set from Pelabuhan Klang to Sentul was introduced for the morning service.




17th June 1996 The "Mana - Mana" ticket was introduced. A day unlimited rides within the KTM Komuter network from 9.00am Monday to Friday. Exceptions on Saturday, Sunday, school holidays & public holidays.




3rd August 1995 Free service on board the KTM Komuter from Rawang to Kuala Lumpur for all walks of life.
14th August 1995 Commercial service of KTM Komuter from Rawang to Kuala Lumpur with 30 minutes interval.
18th December 1995 The establishment of service for both sectors, Sentul - Pelabuhan Klang & Rawang - Seremban, with 30 minutes interval.