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Guide to KTM Komuter


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Signage along the road will lead you to the station.

Route map is located at the station and also inside the train. Be sure of your destination station.

The fare structure is displayed at the stations.

Single, return, and weekly tickets for adult and children are available at ticket vending machine. Tickets can also be purchased at ticket counters. If 'No change, exact fare only' signs is lit, Please insert exact fare. All tickets are in single payment, including trips that require a transfer at an interchange station.

How to Use The Ticket Vending Machine:

  1. Select your destination
  2. Select "Adult or Child". Select type of tickets - single, return, or weekly.
  3. If you require additional tickets, select "Add-On". Repeat steps 1 and 2. To cancel transaction, press button 'B'.
  4. Take note of payment required.
  5. Insert coins into slot 10 cents, 20 cents, or 50 cents. Notes RM1, RM5, and RM10 are also accepted.
  6. Take your ticket. Please check that the right destination is printed on your ticket. Collect change, if any.

Follow signages to the ticket validation point and validate your ticket at turnstiles or give your ticket to the ticket checker. Once your ticket is validated, take it back and follow the directional to the correct platform. For safety, please stand behind the yellow line and follow the queue. To get to the other platform, please use the overhead bridge

When the train arrives, please allow alighting commuters to get off first. When boarding the train, be cautious of the gap between the door and the platform. A bell chime will sound before the doors close. Do not enter when you hear this chime. When making a transfer, use the route diagram to check for the right interchange station.


Do not lean against the doors
Observe the Do's and Dont's signs
Have your ticket with you at all times
Listen for your destination station announced by the driver

Follow signages to the exit and validate your ticket at turnstiles or present your tickets at the ticket validation point.

Touch N Go payment system is also available at all KTM Komuter stations. Please ensure you have sufficient card balance for the journey. Place your Touch N Go card firmly at the reader untill you hear a 2-BEEP SOUND at the entry and exit turnstiles.Seek help from station staff when you encounter problem.